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Christian Rap/Christian Hip Hop



One Christ

aprentiz with Profitcy and D-Roc


 Holla Lujah

aprentiz with Profitcy and D-Roc


Holy Muzik



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Call to Arms
aprentiz with Franchise


Save Me

This is the new hit single by Christawn that I am featuring

Streetz Anthem

aprentiz with Witness


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More Than Conquerors




Heart of Worship



Journey Home

aprentiz with D-Roc


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Where the Party At

aprentiz with Franchise


Bless God



Here for the Moment




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 Forgotten Battle



Soldier Storiez

aprentiz with Profitcy and Ceaz


Battle Cry




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 From the Cross to the Grave



Wilmington to Newark



The Anthem YFE

aprentiz with Franchise and D-Roc






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God Bless and Enjoy!



My Testimony

And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? Romans 10:14-15

The message in Christian rap, the genre I am apart of, is clear and deliberate, to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to a generation who hasn't heard the good news. Our generation, especially the hip-hop generation has heard of Jesus, but hasn't truly heard the good news of salvation and true life through Christ.

I have answered that call of Romans 10 by saying, "SEND ME LORD," through this avenue of Christian rap. For how will the truth be known, and how will our youth realize the truth of Christ unless someone tells them.

You don't have to look far into hip-hop culture to see a godlessness that is causing a generation who is cold and burdened with pain to turn to a life of sin and self destruction. Lifestyles filled with lust, substance abuse, and material gain is what radio and TV pump into our generations' head before they are old enough to realize that there is an alternative option. Christ is that option and I use Christian hip-hop to portray that message.

God created us, he sculped our mind and body before we were even in womb and gave us a purpose and mission to serve Him. Christ has provided us with hope and truth but a fallen and sinful world has traded those truths for lies. Our culture trades church for the club, trades the living water for a bottle of alcohol, and the joy of knowing Christ for a temporary high from a chemical.

The Christian hip-hop I produce sends a message of love to a world who has turned their back on Christ. I speak a relevent message of a relationship with the God of the Universe...not a man made religion. The walk with Christ is an exciting one - ask anyone who once lived a sinful lifestyle and now lives by faith in Christ. The things of this world and a life without Christ  leave us empty. But Christ fills us up more than any pleasure or temporary escape ever could.

Who else can bring hope to the hopeless but the creator of the universe, who else but the God who nailed our sins to the cross that glorious day! Who else can take us from a life of pain and confusion to a life of joy and unconditional love. God has written each of us a 66 book long love story and I have been called to put that love story in rap form. Our culture needs it...and you need it!

I pray that you would enjoy the Christian rap displayed on this site, but most importantly that you would realize there is a God who loves you and has a purpose for your life!

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Christian Rap Music / Christian Hip Hop Music



Christian Rap Music / Christian Hip Hop

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 Haley lovin' Christian Rap Music and Christian Hip Hop Music

 Rob, you are FANTASTIC!
Honestly i just look/listen to this incredibly unique skill God has strongly blessed you with and im seriously SO inspired and... well yeah, you're great! :) ... your music is WONDERFUL. I keep listening to it over and over again... (ps. check out the music on my page) I love it and you! Take care!
Hayley Jane

Dj getting down with Christian rap music and Christian hip hop

yo the cd is hot fire its all i been listenin to lately...who are the five best rappers in the world...rob jones, rob jones, rob jones, rob jones, and rob jones cuz he spits hot fire      DJ Boney

Ana Lisa listenin' to Christian Rap Music / Christian Hip Hop Music

Watz up Rob? u did ur thing tonite...keep doin what you doin...God's gon use you in so many ways!! God Bless

Yo man God is using you. I enjoyed you puttin it down for the King last night. Your passion, lyricism, energy, and heart for the lost is commendable. I also am feelin the CD man. When I was in 11th grade I was a carnal dude unlike you.        Believin' Stephen

Beridox stayin' prayed up with Christian rap music and Christian hip hop

Yo Aprentiz:
It's been a minute since I been through here fam. Glad to see you finished your project and your release celebration is coming up next week. I'll keep you in prayer that God does His thing thru you homie. Stay prayed up, sworded up with the word and minister thru humility and God will show up as He always do and do HIS THING, ya heard!   Beridox

Souldier Boy spittin' Christian rap music and Christian hip hop

I'm tryin to collab wit u on a track soon fam...I'l feeling what u bringin' to da game. and even more than that..I love your heart for God and ministry...I'm bout to make a beat just for a collab track. I'll get at u soon winna!                Souldier Boy

Runaway buildin' the Kingdom with Christian rap music and Christian hip hop

Yessir building the kingdom requires multiple hands. Thanks for building with us. See you @ Rapfest.
God Bless & Keep Running...

Des spittin' Truth with Christian rap music and Christian hip hop


That Holy Muzik cut is speaking to me brother!  "We out to save souls, not to bring amusement!" ~ Holy Muzik Amen! God bless,
His Afflicted Ambassador