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On this page I will be providing testimonies of people whose lives have been changes through their relationship with Jesus Christ I am just starting this page so check back often.

If you would like to include your testimony on how you found Christ, use the contact form on the Contact Rob Page. If you would like to include a picture, send that along as well.


Karin Jordan

I just have to share with you what God has done for me.

First of all, I want to say that coming across your website was a God thing. I grew up in a abusive home, got married at 18 to escape it, but he beat on me too. He kicked me out and left me homeless. I then went from house to house of different friends ... 

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Choby Siau

At a young age Choby Siau became heavily involved in a vicious Chinese gang called the Triad. By the grace of God and through his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Choby managed to escape the hold that the gang had on him. Below is Choby's testimony ...

Hi I'm Choby Siau.

I have the privilege from the Lord Almighty to sit here today to share about the life changing experience that the Lord has done.

My life was falling rapidly apart and some are surprise that I still have breath.

Before I share with you the testimony God has so graciously given me, I'll tell you a little bit about my family back round. My father is a traditional Chinese from Singapore and my mother is American that grew up in Pittsburgh. I got three other siblings, an oldest brother, a younger brother, and the youngest is the sister. Anyways I'll jump in to the testimony.

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Alex Zucker

I grew up in the church and I was on fire for God at the age of 8. Then my dad who had diabetes (who is now with the father in heaven) got a tumor in his foot. Well he prayed about it and decided to cut above the infection. Well I being a believer started to pray for my dad and believing that he will be healed. Instead of getting healed he got worse and I kept praying. Instead of getting better he got worse and i started to loose faith...

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 Haley lovin' Christian Rap Music and Christian Hip Hop Music

 Rob, you are FANTASTIC!
Honestly i just look/listen to this incredibly unique skill God has strongly blessed you with and im seriously SO inspired and... well yeah, you're great! :) ... your music is WONDERFUL. I keep listening to it over and over again... (ps. check out the music on my page) I love it and you! Take care!
Hayley Jane

Dj getting down with Christian rap music and Christian hip hop

yo the cd is hot fire its all i been listenin to lately...who are the five best rappers in the world...rob jones, rob jones, rob jones, rob jones, and rob jones cuz he spits hot fire      DJ Boney

Ana Lisa listenin' to Christian Rap Music / Christian Hip Hop Music

Watz up Rob? u did ur thing tonite...keep doin what you doin...God's gon use you in so many ways!! God Bless

Yo man God is using you. I enjoyed you puttin it down for the King last night. Your passion, lyricism, energy, and heart for the lost is commendable. I also am feelin the CD man. When I was in 11th grade I was a carnal dude unlike you.        Believin' Stephen

Beridox stayin' prayed up with Christian rap music and Christian hip hop

Yo Aprentiz:
It's been a minute since I been through here fam. Glad to see you finished your project and your release celebration is coming up next week. I'll keep you in prayer that God does His thing thru you homie. Stay prayed up, sworded up with the word and minister thru humility and God will show up as He always do and do HIS THING, ya heard!   Beridox

Souldier Boy spittin' Christian rap music and Christian hip hop

I'm tryin to collab wit u on a track soon fam...I'l feeling what u bringin' to da game. and even more than that..I love your heart for God and ministry...I'm bout to make a beat just for a collab track. I'll get at u soon winna!                Souldier Boy

Runaway buildin' the Kingdom with Christian rap music and Christian hip hop

Yessir building the kingdom requires multiple hands. Thanks for building with us. See you @ Rapfest.
God Bless & Keep Running...

Des spittin' Truth with Christian rap music and Christian hip hop


That Holy Muzik cut is speaking to me brother!  "We out to save souls, not to bring amusement!" ~ Holy Muzik Amen! God bless,
His Afflicted Ambassador